Recap: I Am Sailing | A solo show by Dolan Stearns

          This past weekend we had the pleasure of partnering up with Gym Standard in a solo art exhibition by Dolan Stearns. Dolan is a local, San Diego native, artist making a name for himself and doing it fast! His work consists of characters of odd appearance and intrigue, something similar to that of Barry McGee. This is his first solo exhibition, but has had work featured around town in collaborative shows. He works closely with Kelsey Brookes, another large San Diego based artist, as artist assistant and friend. 

          Dolan pulls quite the crowd of not only art fans, but also much of the skate and street scene. When he's not working on his character and shows, he is a sponsored skater with both Lurkville Skateboards and Brixton behind his name. Dolan is a regular at our shop and his drink of choice is our 8oz Americano. Make sure to follow his work and see what comes! 


photos by: Sergey from Utmost Creative