Norberto Chasquero Ocana

Norberto Chasquero Ocana

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Norberto Chasquero Ocana

pink lady apple, plum cake, caramel

Origin: Chirinos, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru
Cooperative: Santuario
Altitude: 1708 masl
Variety: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Washed
Fermentation: 15-22 hours wet
Harvested: Summer 2020
Drying: 8-15 days on raised beds under parabolic dryers, on roof top, or concrete patio

Norberto is a member of the Santuario cooperative, located within San Ignacio in the northern region of Cajamarca, Peru. The cooperative was formed recently in 2017 and is led by Gonzalo Guevara & Ismael Alarcon; Santuario’s core pillars of honesty, integrity, and equitable returns for producers have formed the dogma needed to facilitate growth for an entire community, not just a select few. Norberto’s special microlot was fermented wet for 15-22 hours & dried for 8-15 days. On first sip, expect fruit qualities like that of apples and plums, doused with a solid layer of caramel for good measure.

Imported by Red Fox Coffee Merchants

Norberto's coffee is roasted on Thursday and ships Friday-Tuesday. To ensure the freshest possible product, orders placed after Tuesday during a given roast week will be roasted and shipped by the end of the week.

This coffee is whole bean and is packaged in a 12 oz bag.