Box of Silver Needles, White tea from Coffee and Tea Collective features lychee, trix cereal, and cinnamon flavors. Jinggu County within Yunnan Province, China.

Silver Needles, White

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Silver Needles, White 

lychee, trix cereal, cinnamon

Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Variety: Camellia Taliensis
Harvest: March 2020 

Silver Needles is a white tea produced in Jinggu County within Yunnan Province, China. This first flush tea, meaning that it is the first plucking of the harvest season, is composed of the youngest and most tender parts of the Camellia Taliensis tea plant. The tea is picked, slightly wilted, then dried with warm air in a wind tunnel to ensure even drying. The broth is ridiculously sweet and fruity and harbors a complex cinnamon characteristic lasting many infusions.

60 grams of loose tea

Brew: 7g, 320mL, 200°F, 3:00