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Steel Frame - San Ramon, Costa Rica

pecan pie, red grape, nectarine

Steel Frame is the backbone of our coffee operation—a carefully chosen rotating single origin coffee that is reliable, approachable, & genuinely delicious. 

Origin: San Ramon, West Valley, Costa Rica
Wet Mill: Junto al Río
Lot: Bureal
Altitude: 1200-1500 masl 
Varieties: Obata
Process: Washed

We roast on Tuesday and Thursday. Your order will be shipped or available for local pick up on Friday. 

This coffee is whole bean and is packaged in 12oz, 2lb, and 5lb bags.


Exported by Selva Coffee

More details from the exporter:

Like many other wet mills in Costa Rica, Junto Al Río was founded out of the necessity to make coffee producing sustainable. Over the past couple of decades the price for selling fruit to a large mill stopped making sense for a lot of growers. The family behind Junto Al Río decided to start their own little mill in order to capture more value of the coffee supply chain. Now, after a few years of processing their own fruit and building relationships with roasters all over the world they are making a decent living from the farm. 

Bureal is one of the family’s newest farms and is a result of the reinvestment they are able to put back into their livelihood from processing and selling their own coffee. They purchased the land over time from an uncle and aunt nearby to their hometown and wet mill in San Ramon. They decided to plant a new and recommended variety called Obata. They believe that with this disease resistant, high production, and good cupping plant - they can both be environmentally and economically sustainable.