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Alishan, Oolong

Alishan, Oolong

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Alishan - Oolong

milk candy, quince, silky

Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
Altitude: 1200 masl
Variety: Qing Xin
Harvest: April 2020

This high mountain oolong is produced in Zhangshu Hu at a tea garden located 1200 meters above sea level. The tea is named after the encompassing region, Alishan, which was the first high mountain region to begin growing tea at large scale in Taiwan. The tightly rolled oolong unravels into beautiful, intact, leaves and stems yielding a sugary, textured, and juicy cup from start to finish.

Imported by Floating Leaves Tea

60 grams of loose tea.

Brew: 7g, 320mL, 200°F, 3:00