Eleucardio Romero Zamora

Eleucardio Romero Zamora

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 Eleucardio Romero Zamora

raspberry jam, fuji apple, amber honey

Origin: San Pedro Yosotatu, Oaxaca, Mexico
Altitude: 1700-1900 masl
Variety: Pluma & Bourbon
Process: Washed

This year, we had the opportunity to participate in Red Fox Coffee Merchants’ Oaxaca, Mexico Brigada—a competition consisting of coffee from over 30 top-scoring producers spread across the beautiful state of Oaxaca. Eleucardio’s coffee was an immediate attention-grabber—drawing us in with its persuasive jammy fruit qualities. We were lucky enough to secure his farm’s, El Amante, entire production of Bourbon & Pluma varieties. Just a heads up, don’t be surprised when this coffee seems to disappear from your cup. 


Imported by Red Fox Coffee Merchants

MSRP (12 oz retail): $20.00