Honey Orchid, Oolong
Honey Orchid, Oolong

Honey Orchid, Oolong

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Honey Orchid - Oolong

cantaloupe, peach rings, creamy

Origin: Guangdong Province, China
Altitude: 700 masl
Variety: Bai Ye
Harvest: March 2019 

This tea’s material is harvested from 20 to 80 year old tea bushes found within the Wu Dong Mountains. Dan Cong style oolongs represent “single-bush” teas named after the fragrance and taste of each particular variety; in the case of the Bai Ye variety, the characteristic honey orchid fragrance directly translates to the tea’s given name, Mi Lan Xiang. This high grade Dan Cong is slightly heavier in oxidation, twisted instead of rolled, and incredibly clean, sweet, and complex.

60 grams of loose tea.

Brew: 7g, 150mL, 190°F, 45s