Artist Series 007
Artist Series 007
Artist Series 007

Artist Series 007

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Artist Series 007 - Denja Harris (PRE-ORDER)

Nano Genji Lot #8

strawberry, kiwi, champagne

Origin: Jimma, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1900-2200 masl
Variety: Ethiopia Landraces
Process: Washed

*This is a pre-order for shipping/pick-up starting 9/23*

Opening up only a few years ago during the 2018/2019 harvest season, Nano Genji exists as a sibling mill to the world-renowned Nano Challa washing station. As part of the larger Kata Muduga cooperative union in the Agaro region of Western Ethiopia, coffees coming out of Nano Genji continue to build off of the outstanding quality standards for production, processing, and management that Nano Challa set.

We’re pleased to offer Lot #8 from this year’s harvest. In the cup, we’re tasting: a ripe strawberry sweetness, juicy kiwi, and a sparkling champagne-like finish. This is yet another example of the stellar quality coming from the Nano Genji washing station, and we’re excited to continue to carry their coffees year after year.

Limited Edition Artist Series box designed by Denja Harris @brownacidgoods

Imported by Red Fox Coffee Merchants