Box of Red Peony, White Tea from Coffee and Tea Collective features peach, honeyed carrot, and thick tasting notes.

Red Peony, White

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Red Peony, White 

peach, honeyed carrot, thick

Origin: Sun Moon Lake Region, Nantou, Taiwan
Variety: Ruby Eighteen
Harvest: August 2019

Red Peony is a white tea from the Sun Moon Lake region of Nantou, Taiwan and is made up of the same unique Ruby 18 cultivar that is often seen processed as red tea. This modern invention is similar to White Peony, or Baimudan, but is a bit more oxidized leading to a ridiculously sweet dried apricot note enveloped in a viscous honey-like texture. The finish is clean leaving a refreshing mouthfeel that is often associated with the Ruby 18 cultivar.

30 grams of loose tea.

Brew: 5g, 320mL, 190°F, 3:00