Box of Steel Frame coffee, the backbone of Coffee and Tea Collective's operation. Roasted in North Park, San Diego.

Steel Frame

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Steel Frame - Cerro Dragón

Steel Frame is the backbone of our coffee operation—a carefully chosen single origin coffee that is reliable, approachable, & genuinely delicious.  

This coffee was produced by four families and processed at the Cerro Dragón wet mill in Caraigres, Costa Rica. For the washed process, the coffee is transported from the farm to the mill the same day it is harvested, it is pulped at night to avoid over fermentation, it is completely washed using a Penagos centrifuge, which is incorporated into the same compact pulping module.

They use African beds and patios for drying, the coffee is left in pre-drying for about 3 to 4 days depending on the weather conditions, the mechanical dryer is used to finalize the drying stage when the moisture of the beans reaches 10-11%.

We roast on Wednesday/Thursday. Your order will ship or will be available for local pick up on Friday.