Laurie Nasica's Latest Installation

 Laurie Nasica Art Install at Coffee and Tea Collective North Park San Diego

Our last show of 2021 features the work of Laurie Nasica, a painter and educator based in San Diego. We asked Laurie to tell us more about her paintings, her thoughts and inspirations behind the work. 

"This body of work is about reaching. Over the past year, these paintings were created as a reflection on our need for connectivity and touch. They were inspired by our collective isolation, and deprivation from human contact while relying on digital tools as our main avenue of interaction. I felt a shift in consciousness and it became apparent to me how much we were all in need of more substantial and genuine forms of connection in a time when the ways we used to connect were no longer deemed safe."

"Aesthetically, I was drawn to clean line work and stripping my imagery down to basics with mostly primaries. I started painting hands reaching to touch, but never fully touching. Going through twist and turns, trying hard to connect which reflects the sentiment many of us have felt during this global human experience."

- Laurie Nasica

We asked Laurie to participate in our Artist Series in conjunction with the show. The piece that is featured on the box is small, but prominently displayed near the retail shelf in our North Park cafe. Laurie painted a companion mural to tie the show and our whole space together, in a way that we could have only imagined. Stop by the shop to check out her paintings and mural. Laurie's show opened November 27, 2021 at 2911 El Cajon Blvd and will be on display through the new year. 

Many thanks to Laurie for all of the work that she put in to the space and a special thank you to Darwin Avalos for the pictures below, capturing a glimpse of the installation. 

Slideshow of Laurie Nasica's art install at coffee and tea collective in North Park, San Diego

Images above by Darwin Avalos