Mao Feng, Green
Mao Feng, Green

Mao Feng, Green

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Mao Feng - Green 

star fruit, sweet corn, silky

Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Altitude: 2000 masl
Variety: Yunnan Large Leaf
Harvest: March 2019  

Mao Feng green tea refers to the particular harvesting style of the Yunnan Large Leaf variety; it is picked exclusively as 1 leaf & 1 bud in which the harvest is limited to when the leaves are young. Mao Feng is grown high up in the Wu Liang mountains located within the Yunnan Province & hits all the marks in terms of texture, flavor, & aroma. In the cup, expect a silky mouthfeel, a good amount of lingering sweetness, and crisp & balanced fruit characteristic.

60 grams of loose tea.

Brew: 4g, 320mL, 180°F, 1:30