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Steel Frame is the mainstay filter and espresso option that we serve in our cafes. With the Steel Frame Subscription you will have a solid and reliable morning cup guaranteed. 

Origin: Nariño, Colombia
Producer: Hermes Ulises Ceron
Altitude: 1700-2000 masl
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed

tastes like: red apple, wafer cookie, caramel

Steel Frame is the backbone of our coffee operation—a carefully chosen single origin coffee that is reliable, approachable, and genuinely delicious. This special coffee comes from Hermes Ulises Ceron's farm, El Naranjo, located in Los Alpes within Nariño, Colombia. This Castillo varietal lot is meticulously processed and dried on raised beds under parabolic coverings—a process which helps to promote uniform drying while protecting the coffee from strenuous temperature changes. Its sweetness and complexity mend together to create a cozy and uniquely memorable cup.

This coffee is whole bean and is packaged in a 12 oz bag.